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Venezia Cruz – Plus Size Beauty

@veneziacruz – Mexican, Portuguese, German

Venezia Cruz surely breaks all boundaries for Plus Size girls. Boosting with self-confidence, panache, style and beauty, not to mention booty, Venezia is a beacon in her own right.

We would not have Venezia Cruz any other way, with her curvaceous, perfectly flawed body, beautiful gaze, and lip-smacking figure.

We love all types of women at ClassyGrls and Venezia surely is one of our top favs. Her graceful yet bold composure has us going gaga over her luscious and temptatious body.

There’s definitely more than meets the eye with Venezia and we are jealous of those who have come face to face with this beauty.

She looks great in all types of attire, from streetwear, and sportswear to lingerie (preferably lingerie). Though she has admittedly had self-body issues, we’re here to reinforce, you’re flawless in our eyes Venezia!

Keep winning and keep pushing the boundaries, while expressing yourself freely. We see no reason to be comfortable in your own skin! Break that glass ceiling girl!

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